Flying Business Class

The business class is the next luxurious class after first class and has plenty to offer. Even though what you get to enjoy can differ from one airline to another, it is much better than economy class. You stand to enjoy a lot when flying this class and you can find cheap business class flight tickets.

The Seats

When flying business class, you will enjoy more legroom, compared to what you would enjoy flying economy class. The seats in this class offer you recline options making them comfortable even to sleep in. Some can extend up to 6.5 feet and 31 inches wide at the shoulder level. Other airlines offer flatbed seats while others will make it possible for to transform your seat into a work desk.

The Food

Most airlines offers five course meals which are much better than the snacks usually offered in economy class. The meals are prepared professionally and vary in ingredients, giving you a list of options to choose from. Drinks and refreshments are also made available. You don’t have to worry about packing your snacks since everything is well taken care of. Your options will however depend on the airline you have selected to fly.


The seats in this class have individual TV screens for your enjoyment during the flight. You will have plenty of video channels complete with movies and features to enjoy. To keep disturbances at bay, each seat has headphones with noise reduction features. Apart from the video channels, you can enjoy music too from your entertainment system.

The Prices

Business class is cheaper than first class, but they are definitely worth the fare. You can enjoy cheap flight travel in various ways. You can for instance, choose business class for one way to save money and enjoy at the same time or go for last minute business fares to enjoy quality treatment for less. Discounted last minute business tickets can also come in handy for you when looking to save some travel money.


When flying business class, you have the chance to upgrade your seat using your frequent flyer program points or miles. Seat grade can determine the flying experience you have and your airline of choice can determine which programs you are eligible for. Other benefits of flying business class include access to exclusive lounges at the airport, priority check-in and parking.

Business class is enjoyable in every sense, but what you get exposed to will depend on the airline you choose to fly with. The fact is you that can enjoy cheap business class tickets when flying new airlines or less popular airlines and still enjoy the same high class treatment all through your flights. Another simple way of enjoying cheap tickets in this class is flying during off-season to your destination or flying at less popular times and days.