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Happy Monday, friends! I’m so glad you’re joining me today because we’re switching things up and doing something a bit different today! 🙂

I have many blog friends who do a monthly “Instagram round-up” blog post of the outfits they had on Instagram. I have always thought the idea was super fun, so I figured I’d do one of my own with my own spin on it. If you love it, let me know! I think it’d be fun to do this monthly or even every other month. 😉

I’m always asked about my photo editing process and while I’m not ready to share that in full detail, I do love sharing before and afters of my photos. I’m all about a bright and crisp, yet natural-looking photo. That’s what my “aesthetic” is! So… I’ll be sharing…

  • outfit details
  • the before photo and the edited photo
  • the story behind the shot
  • quick photo tips

ARE YOU EXCITED?! I am! So pumped. Let’s get started!

Before & After Photos: Behind The Instagram Photo
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Behind The Instagram Photo

Behind the Instagram photo…

This shoot was for a campaign with Contigo Couture bottles and I wanted an urban and on-the-go look to my overall project. You can see the finished project on Instagram HERE.

I decided to shoot on top of one of my favorite parking garage locations. I love shooting on the top of parking garages for a few reasons. 1. I have a clear background. 2. It’s easy for me to edit to my aesthetic. 3. There are no people around, haha. Seriously, though, I prefer to shoot photos where there are no people simply because I want to get my photos and be done.

We lucked out this day and had the perfect cloudy day to take photos. Cloudy days are my favorite to get photos done during. It makes the shoots quicker and my editing easier.


  • White Tee
  • Spanx Faux Leather Leggings
  • Adidas Kicks
  • Gray Plush Hoodie
  • Contigo Couture Bottle

Instagram Photos Before And After

Behind the Instagram photo…

This was a quick and casual shoot for my newest (and favorite) Fabletics outfit! Since I live in the mountains and I love an urban look to my photos, we typically have to drive 45 minutes to an hour to shoot photos. Yep, it’s a lot of work. But, there is this one location 10 minutes from me at the back of a building that can work from time-to-time. Even though it looks a bit edgy, sometimes it’s the perfect spot.

On our way to this shoot, I opened my visor in the car and there was a spider sitting on it. I FREAKED OUT. Of course, right? And made Michael pull over into the Dunkin parking lot to kill it. I jumped out and people were laughing at me lol, but I didn’t care. I wanted it dead, haha. I survived!

See it on Instagram HERE.


  • Sports Bra
  • Leggings (SO comfy!)

Instagram Photos Before And After

Behind the Instagram photo…

Here’s one of my current go-to poses, haha! I always start off my shoots with my typical poses and then I work my way to the more fun ones. This is a classic for me, 100%! We were shooting at the same parking garage as the first photo but the sun was so bright that day, even though the weather called for clouds.

Here’s why it’s hard to shoot photos in direct sunlight… harsh light, harsh shadows, major squinting lol, and basically… it’s just a ton of work to edit for a nice final product. So, I avoid shooting on sunny days because I know I don’t really ever like the outcome.

Instead of shooting on the top of the garage, we shot on the second highest level so that I could take photos in the shade. You can see in the background where the sunlight is that it was extremely bright. Even though I always shoot in RAW, I’d much rather underexposed photos than overexposed.

See it on Instagram HERE!


  • Camo Dress
  • Sunnies (Similar)

Instagram Photos Before And After

Behind the Instagram photo…

When I got on board for this campaign with Hawaiian Tropic, I knew that I wanted to shoot at my community beach. The weather here has been extremely rainy the past month or so, making it difficult to shoot photos… especially ones that require the beach, haha. So after a good week of needed to shoot, I finally got the perfect photo! We shot this on a Wednesday when all the kids were in school still, hence the empty beach.

I had one of the worst headaches I have ever had during this shoot, so I was feeling miserable. It was also partly cloudy out, so there’d be a cloud ever 5 minutes or so. We’d have to wait around and then I’d quickly get into position right before the next cloud blocked the sun. It was a workout, haha. But, I got the perfect photo! 🙂

See it on Instagram HERE!


  • This romper was from two summers ago and isn’t available anymore. I have found some similar ones for you HERE and HERE!
  • Hawaiian Tropic Antioxidant Plus Refresh Sunscreen Mist


Behind The Instagram Photo: Before And After


To create and maintain a consistent Instagram aesthetic, you need to shoot in similar lighting situations. I always recommend using natural light whenever you can for the most natural looking shots. By using similar lighting each time you shoot, you’ll be able to easier come up with an editing style that you’ll love and keep consistent.

Quick Photo Tip! Find it here!
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So, that’s a wrap! What did you think? Did you love my spin on this series? Let me know your thoughts and if you’d love to see more of these posts in the future! Thanks, loves! Let’s chat!

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