How To Make Your Own Way As A Blogger

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3 Lessons From A Full-Time Blogger

If you would’ve told me 5 years ago when I started my blog, Coffee With Summer, that I’d eventually take my blog full-time, I totally wouldn’t have believed you! Back when I started CWS, I started it solely because I had a passion for sharing my story and connecting with others in a transparent light. I didn’t know that I could make even a dime from my passion for blogging, nevermind ever having considered it could one day be my full-time job.

But, here I am today! I’m a full-time blogger and I simply love what I get to do each day. Though, let me get really real for a moment here… blogging is NOT an easy job. I know, I know… it looks blissful and full of ease online, but I can assure you it takes just as much hard work and grit as any other job does. It’s not for the faint of heart. The only real difference is that I work for myself! 😉 Totally not complaining there, haha.

I have been full-time with my blog for 2.5 years now and honestly, it wasn’t until maybe a year ago where I finally started referring to myself as a business owner. I mean, I am! But for some reason, it took me a while to really recognize myself like that. Ever since I have felt more empowered in my role as a biz owner and I’m very excited for what’s to come in my future.

Looking back at when I first launched my blog, there was really 1 key component that really helped me get everything off the ground… I chose the right hosting company from the get-go and yep, you guessed it – I chose GoDaddy!

What It Takes To Be A Full-Time Blogger

Choosing GoDaddy as my hosting provider was a no brainer for me. My husband, Michael, had always used GoDaddy in the past to host his website’s and his client’s sites. I knew that GoDaddy wouldn’t make me jump through hoops to get my blog set up and running. I also knew that they’d always be there to help if I ever had any questions. Seriously, their customer support has always been an incredible experience for me.

Needless to say, I am so stoked to be partnering with GoDaddy to share all about how I’m making my own way as a full-time blogging biz owner. They have been there every step of the way so it’s an honor to get to work them.

Before I share some more about GoDaddy, I wanted to take today to share about 3 lessons that I think will be helpful to you. Of course, I’m writing from the lens of a blogger but truly, these lessons are huge for whatever job you’re aspiring to achieve and work hard at one day.

Hustle hard. Work well. Make your own way.

How To Be A Full-Time Blogger

1. Hustle Hard. // If you don’t have the hustle to match your heart, then you’re in for a trying time, my friend. You can have the fire and passion but if you don’t have the hardcore hustle to match them, it’s going to be hard to go after what you want. How do I know this? Well, I have had times where I have hustled hard and I have also had times where I found it hard to get into the hustle. I have experienced both the highs and the lows of it all.

You can have fire and passion but if you don't have the hardcore hustle to match them, it's going to be hard to go after what you want.
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To me, the hustle is about having the dedication, the grit, and the willingness to pursue your passions no matter the obstacles that come in your way. Often times, chasing after your dreams is not the prettiest thing, haha. You have to hustle hard. When it comes to blogging and entrepreneurship, I would say that “hustle hard” carries more meaning and weight than just “work hard” does. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur because not everyone has the grit and the hustle to make it.

So, do YOU bring the hustle? Do you hustle hard?

I Bring The Hustle GoDaddy HerConference

2. Work Well. // Hustle hard and work well kind of go hand-in-hand. Where hustling hard is more about the drive and the grit behind all that you do, working well is more about how you execute and create with intentionality for all that you do. If you want to pursue something, you have to do the work and more importantly, you have to do it all well.

Working well is choosing to focus on the tough tasks first, rather than the easy tasks. Working well is learning to say “no” to things that don’t serve you or your dream. Working well is when you focus on doing all things with intentionality, therefore, you’re working smarter. Working well is staying in and getting the job done while everyone else might be off enjoying happy hour. Working well is taking a step back and a break when you need it most. Working well is being in tune with and working towards a healthy work-life balance in each season of your business. Working well is choosing wisdom in all situations that you face.

Working well means many different things. It all comes down to character building, perseverance, and eventually, accomplishment.

Working well will always come down to character building, perseverance, and eventually, accomplishment.
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3 Lessons From A Full-Time BloggerOriginality Is Queen

3. Make Your Own Way. // I think one of the most special things about entrepreneurship is that there is no one or right way to do things. You get to make your own way… your own path, your own passion, your own vision. I think that’s what really drew me to blogging in the first place as a hobby and even more now as it’s my career.

For me, making my own way isn’t just about my blog and my dreams for it. While that is a huge part of my journey, making my own way through CWS… for me, it’s more than just that. Making my own way with my blog is also about connecting with YOU! You are important to me. It’s always a goal of mine to be creating content that’ll speak to you as it authentically echoes my lifestyle. Yes, my blog is an outpouring of my heart but I couldn’t continue to create or write if it wasn’t for having you in my corner.

My entrepreneurial journey isn’t just about me and I think knowing that truth will always help me to stay grounded and humbled.

“Make your own way” can mean something completely different to everyone and I think that’s a beautiful thing. You know, if we all had the same dream and heart for something, things would get pretty boring. Whatever your focus and passion are, go after them full force. Don’t let anyone hold you back (that includes yourself). Don’t get distracted by those doing their own thing, their own way. Stay in YOUR lane and focus on how you can make your own way in this big, entrepreneurial world.

Stay in YOUR lane and focus on how you can make your own way in this big, entrepreneurial world.
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Make Your Own Way

Hustle hard. Work well. Make your own way.
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GoDaddy is all about helping their customers kick ass by giving them the tools, insights, and people to transform their ideas and personal initiative into success, however they measure it. GoDaddy is all about making your idea a reality.

I have been using GoDaddy for years now and I am so glad that I made the choice to rely on them when I decided to launch CWS.

If you’re looking to launch a blog or your amazing idea, you definitely need to check out your options with GoDaddy! 🙂

Hustle hard. Work well. Make your own way.

Tell me… how are you making your own way in your line of work? If you’re a blogger, tell me all about the focus of your blog! Let’s chat!

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