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Hey there, CWS fam! Wow, it’s been a few months since my last happenings post but really, all that’s been happening with me is life with my new baby girl. 🙂 This mama sure is proud and I’m definitely enjoying new mama life. Before I chat any further, I need to address the current events going on in our world…

The world is a chaotic place right now and I want to take a moment to acknowledge that. It’s a scary time with everything going on but I think it’s extremely important to focus on joy and the simple ways that you can do your part. This time will pass. It will pass sooner if we’re doing our best to take care of each other and if we’re choosing to stay full of hope and encouragement. Let’s not have a spirit of anxiety or fear. It’s okay to feel those emotions but don’t wallow there, friends.

Choose joy. Choose hope. Choose wisdom.

Prayer over panic. Seek the Lord.

This has been an anchor song for me over the past few months and now, I’m finding even more comfort in it. I encourage you to close your eyes and listen. There is peace. There is hope. Soak it in.

We will get through this time.

3 Weeks PostpartumOne Month Old Baby Photos


  • My birthday was a week ago and I’m now 27… feels weird. Honestly, it didn’t even feel like it was my birthday, haha. It was spent being snuggled up with Michael and Taya. Nowhere else I’d rather be – truly!
  • Taya is already 1 month old! Yeah, craziness. She loves mama’s milk, snuggles with daddy, worship music, and naps. She’s not a fan of bath time, gas, or getting her diaper changed.
  • Juniper (my cat) is used to Taya now. At first, she was quite jealous – understandably. She was our only fur-baby for 4 years! She likes to watch Taya but still keeps her distance.
  • Not much else is really happening given the current circumstances of our country and world. I’m really hoping people will smarten up and do their part in all of this. I don’t want Taya’s year of firsts to have to be spent inside. 🙁 


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One Month Old Baby Photosmom and me photos


  • As Of Latte – coffee and drinkware for the coffee-obsessed! They’re currently offering 25% off sitewide.
  • Goldie Letter Co – apparel, mugs, baby milestone plaques (I have the monthly ones!), custom orders and more!
  • Oakmoss Collective – an online shop full of candles, simple home decor, printables, and creatively curated journals.
  • Lovely Fit Yoga – leggings made for petites (I’m obsessed with my pair!) – take 10% off if you sign up for their newsletter!
  • My Sister’s Closet Boutique – a beautifully curated boutique with all kinds of apparel finds. They have nursing-friendly options, too! Take 10% off by signing up for their newsletter.
  • Evy’s Tree – unique hoodies and leisure-wear that’s versatile and perfect for every woman.
  • Sola Gratia Co – Christ-centered apparel for her, him, and littles. They also offer accessories and prints.
  • Kate Quinn Shop – The cutest boutique baby apparel ever. I’m obsessed with everything! They have a loyalty program that has some great perks. Mamas, they even have apparel for you!
    • Both onesies and Taya’s knee-high socks are from here. 😉


I am so happy that you keep up with me here on CWS! If you don’t already and would like to, it’d mean the world if you followed along with me on social media, as well. 🙂 


Hang in there, fam. We’ll get through this! Much love.

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