34 Week Bumpdate

34 Week Bumpdate

Hey CWS fam, I can’t believe it’s time for another #bumpdate today – I’m in week 34 of my pregnancy. I also can’t believe that there’s (hopefully) only going to be one more bumpdate after this one! Time has flown. It’s so hard to fathom!

WEEKS 31 – 33 RECAP:

The holidays really made weeks 31 – 33 fly by fast for me. I was 31 weeks during Christmas week when Mike and I drove up to Massachusetts to see my family. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a long road trip up but my body cooperated well for the trip! But gosh, by the end of the day the first day we were up there, I was SO exhausted. I hadn’t felt that exhaustion since the first trimester. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The photo above is of my Grammy and me. I love her so much!

Ever since our anatomy scan at 19 weeks, Baby T was breech and as she grew, she decided she liked being in a transverse lie the best. A transverse lie is when the baby is laying all across your stomach. At my appointment at 31 weeks, she was still in a transverse lie and even though the doctors say not to worry until 36 weeks, of course, I was nervous. I want a natural birth so if there was anything I could do to get her to flip head down, in addition to praying, you bet I wanted to. So, I looked up a ton of stuff online and learned about the Spinning Babies site. They have a ton of safe exercises and inversions you can try to encourage the baby to move head down on their own. I did some of them and I actually crawled around the house a bit, too LOL!

34 Week Bumpdate

Well, at my appointment at 33 weeks, baby girl had moved head down! Praise God! The midwife was really sweet and confirmed with a very quick scan, too. It took everything within me to not burst out in tears of relief and joy! Ask Mike, haha. Mike and I believe in the power of prayer. There were many people praying that sweet Baby T would get in the head-down position. While I did my best in putting effort forth in the exercises along with prayer, I know full well that it was God who made it happen. I truly believe she turned during the night before that appointment.

33 Weeks Pregnant Bump

WEEK 34:

I’m currently halfway through week 34 and I am finally starting to feel the aches all over. Really, up through last week, I had felt amazing! I hadn’t had much discomfort aside from the occasional tailbone discomfort. I was honestly shocked that I was feeling so good! Definitely a blessing – never taking anything for granted.

Tuesday, Mike and I took a trip to IKEA for a couple of last-minute things for the nursery and home. We were there for about 2 hours and we ate lunch there, too. By the time we left, my feet were SO sore and felt like they were on fire. They weren’t swollen at all – they were just completely tired. Later on the same day, my tailbone discomfort started acting up once again.

Wednesday, I spent the day working on baby girl’s nursery. Now that our shower celebrations are over it’s the perfect time to start washing and organizing everything. It was an extremely low impact day but I was ready for bed at 7:30, haha. My stomach muscles have been feeling a bit sore later in the day – I’m thinking it’s round ligament “pain”. I don’t think I truly ever experienced RLP in my second trimester like most women do, which is why I’m thinking I’m experiencing it now. Still, I really can’t complain! To me, this entire experience (including the aches) is a blessing.

I’m also grateful that I have an extremely high pain tolerance because all of the above is really just annoying to me, rather than anything else.

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