How To Protect Your Cat And Home From Fleas

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How To Protect Your Cat And Home From Fleas

Hey there, cat lovers! I’m so glad you stopped by today because I’m sharing our story about how we best protect our home and cat from fleas and ticks.

We adopted Juniper just over 3 years ago and our lives were immediately changed for the good. She is the best – she’s our sunshine! Even before we adopted her, we knew that we wanted to have her be an indoor cat. We decided this for numerous reasons but one of the top ones was so that we wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of fleas.

Well, gosh! We were wrong… even indoor cats can get fleas! Yes, it’s true. Let me share our story.

Just over a year and a half ago, we had our run-in with fleas in our house and we couldn’t believe it. At that time, we were in the process of moving out of our rental house into our first home. We live in The Pocono Mountains so you can imagine the number of trees and woods that surrounds pretty much everything up here, haha.

I remember the night I discovered that Juniper had fleas – I was a total wreck! We were so confused at how it was possible that she got fleas since she has always been an indoor cat. We never had the windows open. Juniper never showed any signs of having fleas. Sure, she’d itch herself but it wasn’t excessive or out of the ordinary. She didn’t whine or act differently. She hid it well but I know we caught it early.

How To Protect Your Cat And Home From Fleas
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How To Protect Your Cat And Home From Fleas

Mike and I came to the conclusion that we simply must have tracked the fleas into our home from our shoes. Living in the woods meant that we’d also track in the occasional bit of leaves, too. So, we immediately got into action to clear them buggers out and we did it all with the help of Adams Flea and Tick products.

Ever since then, we have taken steps to prevent ever having flea problems again and we’ve been successful! Now that we’re in peak season, I wanted to break down some of my best tips and favorite products for you to protect your cat and home against fleas and ticks.

How To Protect Your Cat And Home From Fleas

1. Have A Consistent Regimen In Place // You want to take care of your home and cat before peak flea and tick season is in full swing. When you’re consistent with your regimen the more effective it’s going to be. You want to have a regular schedule when it comes to taking the precautionary measures to protect your home and cat. Pre-season, peak season, and so on.

How To Protect Your Cat And Home From Fleas

2. Use Adams Flea & Ticket Carpet & Home Spray // This spray is pretty much all-in-one protection for your home! You can use this spray on carpets, floors, pet-bedding, furniture, drapes, and upholstery. I love using Adams Flea & Ticket Carpet & Home Spray because it’s easy to use and it provides 7-month control over fleas. If you’re finding yourself having a flea problem during the time of use, it will kill fleas within 5 minutes.

To use, you’ll want to remove your pet from the area. Don’t allow any pets, children, or adults near the treated area until the area has dried in full. Do not reapply more often than every 14 days. Be sure to read the spray bottle in full before use, since it has very specific instructions for prevention and during an infestation.

Adams Flea & Ticket Carpet & Home SprayHow To Protect Your Cat And Home From Fleas

3. Use Adams Plus Flea & Tick Foaming Shampoo For Cats // One of the first things I knew I had to do when Juniper had fleas was to give her a bath. To this day, we now try to bathe her during shedding seasons to keep up with her wellbeing and to prevent fleas. We’ve always used Adams Flea Shampoos but their newest Foaming Shampoo & Wash for Cats is definitely our new favorite. Juniper isn’t the fondest of getting a bath, so it’s important for us to be able to get the job done quickly for her. The Adams Plus Flea & Tick Foaming Shampoo For Cats has a new foaming pump that is drip-free, making it easy for us to gather, lather, and rinse while giving Juniper a bath.

There are clear guidelines and instructions for using the shampoo, so always refer to the back of the bottle before use.

How To Protect Your Cat And Home From FleasHow To Protect Your Cat And Home From Fleas

4. Use Adams Flea & Tick Spray For Cats // The Adams Flea & Tick Spray is probably one of my favorite products to use when it comes to preventing fleas. All you need to do is spray a light, even coverage of the hair coat for effective flea control. You can use every two weeks after the initial application for continued treatment for the prevention of flea infestation. Again, be sure to read the back of the bottle before applying.

5. Be Cautious Of What You Track In The Home // We know without a shadow of a doubt that Juniper got fleas because we weren’t careful of what our shoes were tracking into our home. Ever since we started being aware of this and after incorporating a regular regimen, we have had no issues with fleas… thank goodness!

Adams Flea & Tick Products At Walmart

There are 2 main reasons why I’ll always turn to Adams Flea & Tick products. 1. Their products are safe to use for Juniper. 2. Their products work!

If you’re a pet parent, I encourage you to try Adams Flea & Tick products out for yourself. You can buy these products at your local Walmart or on!

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