A Better Cup Of Coffee With Primo Water

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Primo Refill Station

About 3 months ago, Michael and I decided that we wanted to give Primo® water a try for ourselves. We have never trusted tap water so before Primo, we’d always have to buy bottled water, which was hard to keep up with due to our lifestyle and schedules. Plus, it wasn’t the most sustainable option either. With Primo’s 5-gallon refillable bottle, we’re not only saving more time but we’re also being kinder to the environment. Each 5-gallon bottle saves 1,100 single-use bottles from the landfill!

We love that we can easily refill our 5-gallon bottle at any Primo refill station, both indoor and outdoor. Michael and I typically take a weekly grocery trip so that’s when we’ll refill our 5-gallon bottle at our nearest Primo refill station. Primo water is commonly found at big-box retail stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and many grocery stores. We found our closest refill station by using the zip-code locator on the Primo website.

Primo Refill Station

Refilling the bottle is super quick and easy! Not only is it easily accessible but it’s affordable, too. Having a non-spill cap also helps to make refilling your bottle easier.

Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis. RO (reverse osmosis) is a type of filtration process where untreated water, like tap water, flows through a semipermeable membrane and carbon filters. The result is highly purified, healthier drinking water that’s free from harmful contaminants. Plus, it tastes great! Primo Water’s Purification Process removes or significantly reduces the presence of chlorine and chlorine by-products, bacteria and parasites, heavy metals (including lead and mercury), trace levels of pharmaceuticals, and many more contaminants.

hTRIO Bottom Loading Dispenser with Single Serve Coffee K-Cup® Machine

We have Primo’s hTRIO Bottom Loading Dispenser with Single Serve Coffee K-Cup® Machine Built-In and we can’t get enough of it! It’s a bottom loading dispenser and it’s simple to insert and set up the 5-gallon refill bottle. We’re just a couple of minutes away from enjoying purified water.

The hTRIO Water Dispenser brews K-cup beverages, as well as delivering cold and hot water on demand. It features built-in storage for 20 K-cups and comes with a reusable coffee filter. The reusable coffee filter is genius! If your favorite coffee doesn’t come in K-cups of their own, you can still enjoy your coffee of choice on the daily.

Water is an important component of my family’s health and well-being, and knowing that I can trust Primo water has really changed the game for us. Over the past few months, Michael and I have both started drinking much more water than we were before. This is especially important for me as I’m currently carrying our first child.

hTRIO Bottom Loading Dispenser with Single Serve Coffee K-Cup® MachineA Better Cup of Coffee With Primo Water

Water quality isn’t just important for when you’re drinking a nice glass of water, it’s also important if you’re a coffee-lover, like I am! The quality of your water affects your coffee either positively or negatively. I am a self-proclaimed coffee snob and I can definitely pick up on the difference in taste when my morning cup of coffee is brewed with water that’s been through a purification process.

You see, water directly affects the way your coffee is brewed. After all, coffee is made out of just two ingredients: coffee beans and water. So, of course, the water that you use plays an important role in how your cup of coffee will turn out.

Tap water can leave your coffee tasting a bit metallic or bitter and that’s because tap water contains impurities. It completely takes away from your coffee’s flavor, which leaves you missing out. With Primo water, you get the whole burst of flavor that you should be getting in your coffee! 

Primo Water Dispenser K-Cup Machine

I love that my Primo dispenser has the K-Cup Machine built-in. It makes my mornings or mid-day pick-me-up a breeze. Knowing that my coffee is brewed with only the best water will always provide me that extra comfort to ease into the day.

Here’s a step-by-step rundown for you:

  • Grab your K-Cup of choice from the built-in storage area
  • Pop-out the K-Cup holder and press the K-Cup in (make sure you hear it click!)
  • Insert it back into the machine
  • Then choose from three set oz. options: 6, 8, 0r 10 when they light up green
  • After you press your choice, coffee will start to brew in seconds
  • After finished brewing, make sure to remove the K-Cup from the machine
  • Enjoy!

My Experience With Primo Water

To try Primo for yourself, use code: WATERGOALS25 for 25% off any of the dispensers, FREE fast shipping, and a FREE coupon that’ll be mailed for a 5-gallon bottle of Primo water and another will be in the box when delivered.

Primo has a few different dispenser options that you can check out for yourself HERE!

Primo has completely changed the game for Michael and me. We drink more water each day and our coffee always has the best flavor… all thanks to Primo! 

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo.
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