Moving Through Life’s Milestones With Ford

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It’s no secret that my life has been quite on-the-go lately and thankfully, it’s all been for good reasons! Between moving and prepping our home to sell, to having baby festivities already beginning, I have a lot to focus on and execute well these days. Having always been a woman who’s determined and motivated to get things done, I need to have a vehicle to depend on for anything and everything that comes my way.

From everyday tasks to huge milestones, life is nonstop these days and I’m so glad to have Ford on my side to help me navigate through it all.

I have driven a Ford for the past 5 years and have had an incredibly reliable and safe experience. My mother and two younger sisters also all drive Ford vehicles, so you can say with full confidence that the women in my family love our Fords!

2020 Ford Explorer XLT2020 Ford Explorer XLT

As many of you know, Michael and I have been in the process of moving from the Poconos to the Hershey area over the past month or so. We’re now happily living in the Hershey area but since we’re going to be putting our house on the market soon, we still make frequent trips up to our house to move more items down, as well as cleaning and prepping for selling.

It was such a relief to have a Ford SUV to help me fit a great number of boxes and larger items, like a loveseat and kitchen table, all in one trip! It was a pleasant surprise to see how much we could safely transport all at once. Talk about a timesaver. The 2020 Ford Explorer seats 7, so when those seats are released down to store larger items, the amount of space you have to work with is incredible.

Don’t worry, friends! Mike did all of the heavy liftings and this mama-to-be helped direct him as he placed everything in the back of the Ford. Teamwork makes the dream work, am I right?!

Baby Shower with Ford SUV

I can’t believe it but the baby shower festivities have already begun. So surreal! Since my side of the family lives in Massachusetts and Michael’s lives in Rochester, New York, baby girl is getting two showers to celebrate her upcoming arrival in early 2020.

The other weekend, I drove back home to Massachusetts for my baby shower and I was able to pack up and transport all of the gifts safely and securely back to Pennsylvania. More importantly, I was comfortable the entire trip. Being 6 months pregnant, a 6-hour road trip isn’t exactly ideal but gosh, the time flew by because I was so comfortable.

I’m not just talking about the seats when it comes to comfort; I’m talking about the entire driving experience. The Ford Explorer is easy to drive and just makes you feel completely at ease. This just confirms all of my preferences in driving a Ford.

Baby Shower with Ford SUV2020 Ford Explorer XLT SUV2020 Ford Explorer XLT SUV

I also can’t forget about how cozy the heated seats were with 3 different levels of heat and the heated steering wheel was a complete godsend! Here in Pennsylvania, we’re already getting into the winter season, so these heated features are an absolute must!

Moving Through Life's Milestones With Ford2020 Ford Explorer XLT SUV

Here in Pennsylvania, we know what a harsh winter can look like when it comes to snowy roads. The Ford Explorer has seven different drive modes and two of which are Slippery and Deep Snow. Both of these modes are sure going to come in handy as the winter weather starts to settle in here in Pennsylvania. A Ford SUV is a must-have for all that life throws at you!

2020 Ford Explorer XLT2020 Ford Explorer XLT SUV

Ford has provided me nothing but the best when it comes to dependability, ease, intentionality, and safety over the years! This is even more important to me right now during one of the most monumental times in my life.

Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle or considering one in the future, I can say with confidence that Ford has never led me astray.


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