Baby T Is A…GIRL!!!

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Daddy’s girl! Mommy’s world! Baby T is a sweet baby GIRL!!! Michael and I are both over the moon about our little girl. I am so glad I’m finally able to let the secret out! 🙂

Let’s rewind a bit! Going into this pregnancy, we knew we’d be finding out the gender. This was something we always planned on doing and probably will for any future babies, as well. The first few months of pregnancy felt like they dragged by so slow – probably because I wasn’t feeling the best. By the time we initially went for my first prenatal appointment and scan at 11.5 weeks, I couldn’t imagine waiting another 9-10 weeks to find out the gender.

At 15 weeks, I caved! We decided to order the Sneak Peek early gender DNA test. I know a lot of people have been skeptical by a DNA test that you get offline and perform yourself (pricking your finger to collect blood) but trust me, I did my research for months and months about this test and decided I wanted to give it a try. After all, Sneak Peek has 99.1% accuracy! We figured, why not?

The test arrived on a Wednesday morning, I performed the test, and then sent it back out that same day. We had ordered the fast-track option which meant we’d get our results in 72 hours, rather than waiting a week to find out (with the regular version). Mike worked late that Friday night and I tried to go to sleep before he got home but I couldn’t! I had the results email sent to his email instead of my own for my sanity, haha.

He got home at about midnight that night and asked if we wanted to open the results then. I was all of a sudden on the fence. I knew what we were hoping for and was nervous about it. I couldn’t bring myself to open the email with him, haha! So, I told Mike that he could. He came back into our room and asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to know?” Mike asking that lead me to believe the result was what we were hoping for… so I said okay!

“It’s a girl!”

I was in shock and was like, “REALLY?!” and started crying, haha. I kept asking over and over that it was real and not a joke… because we wanted a sweet baby girl first. It was all real. 🙂

Sneak Peek Gender DNA test

I kept sobbing because I was just so happy. I don’t think I slept a wink that night because I was so excited and just felt immensely blessed.

We shared our news with close family members and a couple of friends. Mike and I knew we didn’t want to share our results with the world just yet because we wanted it confirmed at our anatomy scan. It was! 🙂

Girl Gender Reveal

Many of you are probably already wanting to ask us if we have any name ideas yet…

Your answer: Michael and I already chose our baby girl’s name before we even got married. 😉 So, yes! She has a name but we most likely will not be sharing it until after her birth.

Cute story #1: Mike is such a man of faith that it blows me away. I could go on for days but to stay relevant… before we even knew that our baby was a girl, Michael was already calling her by her name!! Yeah, kinda crazy! 😉 I’ll admit, I loved it but I was also a tiny bit apprehensive – didn’t want to get my hopes up. But wow, he’s awesome.

Cute story #2: Mike was the one to pick out this adorable onesie for our photo. I almost started tearing up in the store because it made me so emotional! I love how he loves our baby girl. So blessed that he is so involved in everything!

We’re so grateful to God for our baby girl. She’s healthy and is growing right on track – we are so grateful. We are SO excited to meet our baby girl in February!


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