I’m PREGNANT! Baby T coming February 2020!

I am SO excited to share that our secret is finally out!! Michael and I are expecting our first child in February 2020! Our hearts are so, so full already. 🙂

First Pregnancy Announcement

You have no idea how hard it was to keep this quiet from the online world for all of these weeks. Even before I got pregnant, Mike and I had always agreed that we’d wait until the first trimester was close to over before announcing to the world. We wanted to give it enough time to make sure everything was going well. It was the best decision for us even though it was so tough! I am beyond over the moon to FINALLY be sharing our news!

I finally had my first appointment and ultrasound last week on August 7th. Yep, I had to wait SO long (11.5 weeks) but I guess that’s normal for some practices. It was tough for me, especially being a first-time mom and having known I was pregnant even before my missed period. I just tried my best to rest in the peace God gave me. The moment I saw my little baby on the ultrasound, I had an insane rush of peace come over me. It was one of the best moments of my life so far. I am so excited to be a mom. And Mike is so pumped to be a dad! AH! He’s going to be the best. 🙂

I am sure you all have lots of questions for me already so I figured I’d answer some of the top questions for you in today’s announcement post!

First Pregnancy Announcement


Yes! Baby T was planned. 😉 We are so grateful to God that we got pregnant pretty much right away. Mike and I waited much longer than we originally wanted to start trying, so I am eternally grateful that it wasn’t a struggle for us. We’re sincerely beyond grateful.

I will probably share more details about that part of our story and all of my feelings in the future.


I found out at 8 DPO (days past ovulation) which is very, very early. That cycle, I wasn’t planning on taking a test until my missed period but that day I just felt extremely winded, so I figured, “what the heck!” haha. I didn’t have any First Response Early Result tests on hand so I used a cheap pregnancy test. I did the thing, set the strip next to me, my timer went off, and there was a faint line. I couldn’t believe it so 30 minutes later, I did another one and there was another faint line! I literally screamed all excited but I still was a tiny bit unsure, haha.

Literally 15 minutes after the second test, I had a podcast interview. Oh my gosh, I felt like a jumbled mess! After the podcast interview, I took another test and the line was even more clear. I was pregnant. I was pregnant!!

I told Mike later that night over dinner. Sadly, I didn’t have anything cutesy planned for telling him but we were so excited! I confirmed the next morning with a FRER test that yep, I was definitely pregnant!

First Pregnancy Announcement


I am 13 weeks! The due date is February 23rd, 2020.


Nope, this mama has no signs of a baby bump yet. I’m slightly bummed but at the same time, I’m okay with the bump taking its time. Remember, I’m only 4’11”, super petite, with a short torso… so I’m a bit nervous about how big my tummy is going to get, haha.


Yes! We will be finding out the gender. I can’t wait to find out who’s in there!

First Pregnancy Announcement

We are just so happy and we can’t contain our excitement. We’re finally going to be parents! This is something we’ve both wanted for a very, very long time and we are so grateful to God. He keeps His promises.

If you’re wondering what this sweet little baby means for CWS, let me give you some assurance! Don’t worry! I’m not going to become a “mommy blogger” on you. Of course, I’ll be including updates throughout my pregnancy and yes, I’ll share about brands/products that we’ll be using when Baby T is here. But for the most part, CWS will be staying the same. I’ll still be writing about everything I usually do, I’ll just have some pregnancy/motherhood thrown in. 😉

I will be sharing a recap of my first trimester soon! If you have any questions for me, drop them in the comments and I’ll include them.

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CWS Happenings

Hey friends! How is it already the last day in July? I can’t believe the summer is quickly coming to an end. Though, I don’t mind. I much prefer fall weather. It has been SO hot here and I swear, it shouldn’t be allowed to get so hot up here in the Northeast. Anyway, can you tell that I’m just very eager for fall to arrive? Who’s with me?

I know that I have been a bit quiet around here and on social media lately. If you’re a regular around here, you already know that in the spring I was dealing with blogger burnout. I started to overcome it throughout June but I didn’t want to force myself out. Instead, I chose to be patient with myself and the process.

When July rolled around, Instagram decided to roll out some changes that started to negatively affect those of us who use the platform for business. It completely sucked. I’m talking… engagement cut in half or more than half. It’s been very, very bad. Anyway, I’m not here to complain about Instagram all day, haha. But with all of IG’s changes and things I was noticing on social media in general, it all just became too much for me. So, I accidentally took a step back from social media, especially Instagram.

Social media can be a very toxic place. I have always strived to keep a healthy relationship with it but something in me just got so aggravated with it all this month. So, a break was in order. I only posted a few times this month on Instagram and you know what? It felt pretty dang great.

I wasn’t overwhelmed or stressing about what to post next. I wasn’t focused on finding new ways to combat IG’s silly games. I felt free. I felt peace.

I’m glad I took a step back, gave myself grace, and decided to just focus on life. I’ll be easing back into everything blogging and social media over the next month. I want to give myself space and time. Don’t worry, though – I do have tons of ideas in the works. 🙂

As always, I appreciate your support!


  • How To Make Your Own Way As An Entrepreneur
  • Blog & Personal Goals For Quarter 3
  • 25 Self-Care Activities To Do Alone


  • This past Saturday, July 27th, marked 5 years since I started CWS! I am so proud of how this space has grown and I’m forever grateful for it.
  • Michael and I are going to be putting our house on the market soon. We bought our house about 2 years ago and we love it, but Michael now works 2 hours away at our church. So, commuting 4 hours to and from every day or every few days is exhausting for him. We love our church and are excited about the future, so we’re looking to sell our home to move out there. There is still lots to be figured out but God has always been faithful and we know He will be again. Please, be praying for Michael and me during this season.
  • Speaking of putting our house on the market, we’re working on some little fixes before we do so. We have put so much love and intentional work into our house the past couple of years, so it’s all about the finishing touches now.
  • I’m looking forward to moving! Even though I’m an introvert and I enjoy alone time, living in the Poconos has just been extremely lonely for me. We already have some friends in the general area of PA that we’ll be moving to and we’re excited to make new ones, too.

Well, that’s a wrap for today, friends! Once again, I appreciate you and I’m so thankful for your support through all the seasons of CWS. I have some fun stuff coming up soon. 🙂

Thanks for catching up with me today! How are you? Tell me what’s going on in your life. Are you excited for fall to arrive? Let’s chat!

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CWS Happenings

Coffee With Summer

Hey, CWS fam. How are you doing? I’m glad to be spending some time today sharing about some of what’s been going on in my life. I always want CWS to be a place full of light and truth, and sometimes truth means sharing the not-so-fun stuff, too! 😉 I’m choosing to stay positive in all things (which isn’t always easy!) but I wanted to share where I’m at.

Life has been a rollercoaster lately with lots of good things happening but also some bleh things, too. In early April, I opened up and shared how I was struggling to create and that I learned that giving myself grace was more important. Being open and honest here, it has still been a struggle for me over the past month. Sure, I have been publishing new content that I’m proud about but I still have felt stifled in my work.

I have had many great ideas flood my mind for CWS and I have days of high motivation, but for some reason, when I go to sit down and write, I can’t get everything out. It’s weird.

I know that from the outside my job as a full-time blogger must seem blissful and an absolute dream. While yes, it is a dream and one that I’m so grateful to be living out, let me tell you — it is NOT always blissful! It’s hard work, just like any other job. There’s so much that goes into it that you don’t see.

There’s so much pressure on me to create. And it all comes from me. So if I seem a bit quiet online, I’m just giving myself space. It’s not easy! But I’m trying to be gentle with myself.


  • April was an insanely busy month so I mainly focused on getting back to my normal routine. Lots of rest was required!
  • I have started filming more outfit try-ons for Instagram Stories and I’m having a blast doing them! I have a “Try-Ons” highlight on my Instagram you can check out and recently, I have a dedicated highlight for my “Pink Lily” try-on hauls. Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can get in on the action!
    • The red floral 2-piece set in the photo above is SO fun for summertime and it’s only $40! That’s a huge deal considering this set comes together and not separate like most stores. You can shop it HERE.
  • I got to be a part of a Blogger Closet Sale in Philly where 100% of proceeds went to the Northeast Animal Rescue. It was a blast! We raised over $1,000! It’s so awesome to get together with other bloggers but even cooler when it’s all for a good cause.
    • Mike came with me to the sale and he had a great time, too! He’s the best blogger husband ever. 😉
  • Little Miss Juniper… is the most expressive cat ever, haha. May 27th marks her 3-year adoption anniversary. She has brought us so much joy over the past 3 years. I don’t know what I’d do without her!


  • How To Create A Self-Care Kit
  • 7 IG Stories Strategies You Need To Use
  • 15 Affordable Summer Dresses (Under $50)
  • 4 Easy Ways To Style A Camo Dress
  • 5 Ways To Feel Fresher On Your Period

Evy's Tree Hoodie


WATCHING… Jane The Virgin! I am hooked. Jane The Virgin has been recommended to me for years now and I love it. I’m also, of course, watching The Bachelorette! Are you watching? What guy are you rooting for?

EATING… Yogurt & berries! YUM!

EXCITED FOR… A super awesome opportunity that I have next month! I got invited to hang out with the members of Runaway June and sip some Duke Spirits cocktails at the Carrie Underwood concert at the Giant Center in Hershey! I’m getting to take my sweet blog friend, Amanda with me. It’s going to be so much fun! Meet & greet and after party, here I come. 🙂

PLANNING… A trip to NYC towards the end of June! I have a partnership opportunity with a brand that I love and I get to attend Her Conference. This is going to be my first blog conference ever and I’m beyond pumped.

WEARING… All. The. Graphic. Tees. I am seriously addicted to wearing graphic tees, haha! I was reorganizing my closet the other day and I couldn’t believe how many I have. I have some of my recent favorites linked below for ya!

Click the images to shop!

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JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.


Thanks for catching up with me today! How are you?! Tell me what’s going on in your life. What are you looking forward to? Can you believe it’s almost summertime? Let’s chat!

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First photo by The Finding Co.

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Behind The Instagram Photo

summer instagram photo

Happy Monday, friends! I’m so glad you’re joining me today because we’re switching things up and doing something a bit different today! 🙂

I have many blog friends who do a monthly “Instagram round-up” blog post of the outfits they had on Instagram. I have always thought the idea was super fun, so I figured I’d do one of my own with my own spin on it. If you love it, let me know! I think it’d be fun to do this monthly or even every other month. 😉

I’m always asked about my photo editing process and while I’m not ready to share that in full detail, I do love sharing before and afters of my photos. I’m all about a bright and crisp, yet natural-looking photo. That’s what my “aesthetic” is! So… I’ll be sharing…

  • outfit details
  • the before photo and the edited photo
  • the story behind the shot
  • quick photo tips

ARE YOU EXCITED?! I am! So pumped. Let’s get started!

Before & After Photos: Behind The Instagram Photo
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Behind The Instagram Photo

Behind the Instagram photo…

This shoot was for a campaign with Contigo Couture bottles and I wanted an urban and on-the-go look to my overall project. You can see the finished project on Instagram HERE.

I decided to shoot on top of one of my favorite parking garage locations. I love shooting on the top of parking garages for a few reasons. 1. I have a clear background. 2. It’s easy for me to edit to my aesthetic. 3. There are no people around, haha. Seriously, though, I prefer to shoot photos where there are no people simply because I want to get my photos and be done.

We lucked out this day and had the perfect cloudy day to take photos. Cloudy days are my favorite to get photos done during. It makes the shoots quicker and my editing easier.


  • White Tee
  • Spanx Faux Leather Leggings
  • Adidas Kicks
  • Gray Plush Hoodie
  • Contigo Couture Bottle

Instagram Photos Before And After

Behind the Instagram photo…

This was a quick and casual shoot for my newest (and favorite) Fabletics outfit! Since I live in the mountains and I love an urban look to my photos, we typically have to drive 45 minutes to an hour to shoot photos. Yep, it’s a lot of work. But, there is this one location 10 minutes from me at the back of a building that can work from time-to-time. Even though it looks a bit edgy, sometimes it’s the perfect spot.

On our way to this shoot, I opened my visor in the car and there was a spider sitting on it. I FREAKED OUT. Of course, right? And made Michael pull over into the Dunkin parking lot to kill it. I jumped out and people were laughing at me lol, but I didn’t care. I wanted it dead, haha. I survived!

See it on Instagram HERE.


  • Sports Bra
  • Leggings (SO comfy!)

Instagram Photos Before And After

Behind the Instagram photo…

Here’s one of my current go-to poses, haha! I always start off my shoots with my typical poses and then I work my way to the more fun ones. This is a classic for me, 100%! We were shooting at the same parking garage as the first photo but the sun was so bright that day, even though the weather called for clouds.

Here’s why it’s hard to shoot photos in direct sunlight… harsh light, harsh shadows, major squinting lol, and basically… it’s just a ton of work to edit for a nice final product. So, I avoid shooting on sunny days because I know I don’t really ever like the outcome.

Instead of shooting on the top of the garage, we shot on the second highest level so that I could take photos in the shade. You can see in the background where the sunlight is that it was extremely bright. Even though I always shoot in RAW, I’d much rather underexposed photos than overexposed.

See it on Instagram HERE!


  • Camo Dress
  • Sunnies (Similar)

Instagram Photos Before And After

Behind the Instagram photo…

When I got on board for this campaign with Hawaiian Tropic, I knew that I wanted to shoot at my community beach. The weather here has been extremely rainy the past month or so, making it difficult to shoot photos… especially ones that require the beach, haha. So after a good week of needed to shoot, I finally got the perfect photo! We shot this on a Wednesday when all the kids were in school still, hence the empty beach.

I had one of the worst headaches I have ever had during this shoot, so I was feeling miserable. It was also partly cloudy out, so there’d be a cloud ever 5 minutes or so. We’d have to wait around and then I’d quickly get into position right before the next cloud blocked the sun. It was a workout, haha. But, I got the perfect photo! 🙂

See it on Instagram HERE!


  • This romper was from two summers ago and isn’t available anymore. I have found some similar ones for you HERE and HERE!
  • Hawaiian Tropic Antioxidant Plus Refresh Sunscreen Mist


Behind The Instagram Photo: Before And After


To create and maintain a consistent Instagram aesthetic, you need to shoot in similar lighting situations. I always recommend using natural light whenever you can for the most natural looking shots. By using similar lighting each time you shoot, you’ll be able to easier come up with an editing style that you’ll love and keep consistent.

Quick Photo Tip! Find it here!
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So, that’s a wrap! What did you think? Did you love my spin on this series? Let me know your thoughts and if you’d love to see more of these posts in the future! Thanks, loves! Let’s chat!

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CWS Happenings

2-Piece Floral Set

What’s going on, CWS fam?! How in the world are we already halfway done with 2019? My mind is blown. Anyway, I’m glad you’re here to catch up with me today. 🙂

Last month, in my CWS Happenings post, I started to open up about how I was having a tough time with some personal matters and also with blogging. Then at the start of June, I opened up about how I truly hit blogger burnout for the first time. Writing and publishing my blog post all about my burnout experience was definitely helpful to me. Though, I can’t say it necessarily helped speed up the process of me coming out of burnout. Am I fully out of burnout now? Not quite… but I’m just choosing to be patient with myself and the process. I am, however, feeling inspired and excited for what’s to come, so that’s a start!


  • The Best Wedding Registry Items You Need
  • My Blogger Burnout Experience & How I’m Overcoming It
  • Behind The Instagram Photo: NEW SERIES
  • 4th Of July Outfit Ideas
  • How To Protect Your Home & Pet From Fleas

CWS Happenings


  • Even though there weren’t a ton of blog posts out this month, I did work on a ton behind-the-scenes!
  • I was interviewed for 2 different podcast/interview series and I can’t wait to share the episodes with you when they’re up and live. It was definitely a step out of my comfort zone but I’m so glad I did the interviews. 🙂
  • I got the opportunity to attend the Carrie Underwood concert as a VIP guest thanks to Duke Spirits and I brought my sweet blog friend, Amanda with me! We had a blast. We got to meet the ladies of Runaway June before the show which was so fun. Seriously, it was an incredible concert from start to finish!
  • This past weekend I went on a work trip to NYC! I got to partner with GoDaddy for Her Conference and it was such an inspiring experience. I’ll be sharing more later this week.
  • Mike and I’s 4th wedding anniversary is this Wednesday, June 26th! It feels like we got married yesterday… time is so funny. Sharing more on our anniversary. 😉

Casual Black Leggings Outfit


WATCHING… I’m still watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix and I’m obsessed with it! I’m also watching Queen of the South, So You Think You Can Dance, and Big Brother starts tonight. I’m not a fan of the new SYTYCD audition process at all – it’s overly produced and it’s completely lost its grit and transparency, in my opinion. I hope it gets better as the season goes on. Big Brother is one of Mike and I’s favorite shows so we’re pumped it’s back on.

WEARING… All the leggings, as usual. Truth… if you see me out and about, I’m almost always in athleisure. I have been loving my leggings from Lovely Fit Yoga – they’re made specifically for petites!

EATING… All the fresh fruit, please!

PLANNING… Nothing. Really… nothing, haha! The truth is, Mike has an incredibly busy summer with work, as our church is getting ready to move into its brand new building. I’d go into all of the details of Mike’s job but it’s a lot to explain. So, anyway, we’re keeping things low key this summer. No huge plans, just a go with the flow kind of season. As much as I love to travel, I’m okay with a laid back summer. 🙂

Thanks for catching up with me today! How are you? Tell me what’s going on in your life. What are your plans for the summer? Let’s chat!

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How To Make Your Own Way As A Blogger

This post is sponsored by GoDaddy and the InfluenceHer Collective. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep CWS up and brewing!

3 Lessons From A Full-Time Blogger

If you would’ve told me 5 years ago when I started my blog, Coffee With Summer, that I’d eventually take my blog full-time, I totally wouldn’t have believed you! Back when I started CWS, I started it solely because I had a passion for sharing my story and connecting with others in a transparent light. I didn’t know that I could make even a dime from my passion for blogging, nevermind ever having considered it could one day be my full-time job.

But, here I am today! I’m a full-time blogger and I simply love what I get to do each day. Though, let me get really real for a moment here… blogging is NOT an easy job. I know, I know… it looks blissful and full of ease online, but I can assure you it takes just as much hard work and grit as any other job does. It’s not for the faint of heart. The only real difference is that I work for myself! 😉 Totally not complaining there, haha.

I have been full-time with my blog for 2.5 years now and honestly, it wasn’t until maybe a year ago where I finally started referring to myself as a business owner. I mean, I am! But for some reason, it took me a while to really recognize myself like that. Ever since I have felt more empowered in my role as a biz owner and I’m very excited for what’s to come in my future.

Looking back at when I first launched my blog, there was really 1 key component that really helped me get everything off the ground… I chose the right hosting company from the get-go and yep, you guessed it – I chose GoDaddy!

What It Takes To Be A Full-Time Blogger

Choosing GoDaddy as my hosting provider was a no brainer for me. My husband, Michael, had always used GoDaddy in the past to host his website’s and his client’s sites. I knew that GoDaddy wouldn’t make me jump through hoops to get my blog set up and running. I also knew that they’d always be there to help if I ever had any questions. Seriously, their customer support has always been an incredible experience for me.

Needless to say, I am so stoked to be partnering with GoDaddy to share all about how I’m making my own way as a full-time blogging biz owner. They have been there every step of the way so it’s an honor to get to work them.

Before I share some more about GoDaddy, I wanted to take today to share about 3 lessons that I think will be helpful to you. Of course, I’m writing from the lens of a blogger but truly, these lessons are huge for whatever job you’re aspiring to achieve and work hard at one day.

Hustle hard. Work well. Make your own way.

How To Be A Full-Time Blogger

1. Hustle Hard. // If you don’t have the hustle to match your heart, then you’re in for a trying time, my friend. You can have the fire and passion but if you don’t have the hardcore hustle to match them, it’s going to be hard to go after what you want. How do I know this? Well, I have had times where I have hustled hard and I have also had times where I found it hard to get into the hustle. I have experienced both the highs and the lows of it all.

You can have fire and passion but if you don't have the hardcore hustle to match them, it's going to be hard to go after what you want.
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To me, the hustle is about having the dedication, the grit, and the willingness to pursue your passions no matter the obstacles that come in your way. Often times, chasing after your dreams is not the prettiest thing, haha. You have to hustle hard. When it comes to blogging and entrepreneurship, I would say that “hustle hard” carries more meaning and weight than just “work hard” does. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur because not everyone has the grit and the hustle to make it.

So, do YOU bring the hustle? Do you hustle hard?

I Bring The Hustle GoDaddy HerConference

2. Work Well. // Hustle hard and work well kind of go hand-in-hand. Where hustling hard is more about the drive and the grit behind all that you do, working well is more about how you execute and create with intentionality for all that you do. If you want to pursue something, you have to do the work and more importantly, you have to do it all well.

Working well is choosing to focus on the tough tasks first, rather than the easy tasks. Working well is learning to say “no” to things that don’t serve you or your dream. Working well is when you focus on doing all things with intentionality, therefore, you’re working smarter. Working well is staying in and getting the job done while everyone else might be off enjoying happy hour. Working well is taking a step back and a break when you need it most. Working well is being in tune with and working towards a healthy work-life balance in each season of your business. Working well is choosing wisdom in all situations that you face.

Working well means many different things. It all comes down to character building, perseverance, and eventually, accomplishment.

Working well will always come down to character building, perseverance, and eventually, accomplishment.
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3 Lessons From A Full-Time BloggerOriginality Is Queen

3. Make Your Own Way. // I think one of the most special things about entrepreneurship is that there is no one or right way to do things. You get to make your own way… your own path, your own passion, your own vision. I think that’s what really drew me to blogging in the first place as a hobby and even more now as it’s my career.

For me, making my own way isn’t just about my blog and my dreams for it. While that is a huge part of my journey, making my own way through CWS… for me, it’s more than just that. Making my own way with my blog is also about connecting with YOU! You are important to me. It’s always a goal of mine to be creating content that’ll speak to you as it authentically echoes my lifestyle. Yes, my blog is an outpouring of my heart but I couldn’t continue to create or write if it wasn’t for having you in my corner.

My entrepreneurial journey isn’t just about me and I think knowing that truth will always help me to stay grounded and humbled.

“Make your own way” can mean something completely different to everyone and I think that’s a beautiful thing. You know, if we all had the same dream and heart for something, things would get pretty boring. Whatever your focus and passion are, go after them full force. Don’t let anyone hold you back (that includes yourself). Don’t get distracted by those doing their own thing, their own way. Stay in YOUR lane and focus on how you can make your own way in this big, entrepreneurial world.

Stay in YOUR lane and focus on how you can make your own way in this big, entrepreneurial world.
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Make Your Own Way

Hustle hard. Work well. Make your own way.
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GoDaddy is all about helping their customers kick ass by giving them the tools, insights, and people to transform their ideas and personal initiative into success, however they measure it. GoDaddy is all about making your idea a reality.

I have been using GoDaddy for years now and I am so glad that I made the choice to rely on them when I decided to launch CWS.

If you’re looking to launch a blog or your amazing idea, you definitely need to check out your options with GoDaddy! 🙂

Hustle hard. Work well. Make your own way.

Tell me… how are you making your own way in your line of work? If you’re a blogger, tell me all about the focus of your blog! Let’s chat!

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Blog & Personal Goals – Quarter 3

Blog & Personal Goals For Quarter 3

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe we’re already in Quarter 3, halfway done with 2019. It’s insanity to me.

I used to do monthly goals but last year, I decided to change things up and focus on quarterly goals instead. For me, it’s much more intentional this way, especially since a lot of my goals when it comes to my blog kind of overlap each other all of the time. I always like to revisit my goals from last quarter as a way to keep myself accountable. So, before diving into my goals for Q3, let’s see how I did on Q2.



1. Make My Pinterest Strategy Even Stronger // Accomplished! Pinterest has definitely undergone some changes over the past few months but despite them, my Pinterest strategy is still strong and growing.

2. Update Old Blog Posts // Yes! In working on SEO, I have been going back to old blog posts to update them.

3. Amp Up My Travel Content // A sad no. Life happens and traveling is costly and requires free time, so I didn’t get to travel much recently.


1. Get Back To Working Out/Yoga // Ehhhh yes and no. I started to do decently well with a routine before the humidity started to set in. Bleh!

2. Take Things Day-By-Day // Mostly, yes. As someone who thinks ahead often it’s not always easy to focus on one day at a time.

3. Focus On Hope // It’s not always easy but yes, I focused on clinging to hope and it’s brought me so much peace.

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1. Stay Consistent With My Newsletter // In the past, I have shared about how newsletter marketing doesn’t come easily to me. Over the past couple of months, I think I’ve been getting the hang of it. So, here’s to getting and staying consistent. I send out newsletters every Monday! Sign-up below! 🙂

2. Get Consistent With Posting Again // I have been in a tough spot the past few months as I battled blogger burnout and how I’m still coming out of it. In addition to blogger burnout, I also have some personal matters going on, so it’s been hard to constantly push out new content. I have given myself a ton of grace here and I’m proud of myself for that. While my page views have been growing and growing even with me posting less content, I do want to get back to a regular schedule. My goal, for now, is to post at least 1 new blog post each week.

3. Land Some Partnerships For The Last 2 Quarters // As a full-time blogger, it’s important for me to be making money. Duh, haha. I’m hoping to land some firm partnerships over the next couple of months.

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1. Create A Steady Morning Routine // I used to have a really solid morning routine in place and I miss it so much. It always made me feel prepared and ready for the day. I’m hoping to create a new one.

2. Stay Calm // Mike and I have a TON going on in our lives right now, so it’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelm of it all. It’s my goal to stay calm and to continue to focus on one day at a time.

3. Take Time For Myself & Not Feel Guilty About It // I have always been passionate about taking time for myself. Self-care is a huge passion of mine and I’m a firm believer in having alone time and just being by yourself to breathe. Lately, I’ll turn my phone on do not disturb mode and I won’t even get on social media. Sometimes, I start to feel bad about this but honestly, it’s healthy to unplug. It’s not my duty to respond to everything right away.

I know my goals might seem simple to you for this quarter. For me, they’re huge goals after the past few months I’ve had. What are some of your goals for Q3? Let’s chat!

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