30 Week Bumpdate

28 weeks pregnant

It’s time for another #bumpdate, my friends! I’m now 30 weeks pregnant with my sweet baby girl and everything is starting to feel really real now, haha. It’s weird thinking that there’s just 10 weeks left until my girl is in my arms. I love being pregnant and being able to feel her move all around but gosh, I can’t wait to snuggle her! I’m cherishing every moment because I know I’ll miss being pregnant.

30 weeks pregnant means that I’ve been in the third trimester for a couple of weeks now. I’m still doing and feeling great for the most part. If I’m really on my feet a lot during the day, my lower back and tailbone discomfort definitely kick in like crazy later on in the day.

I finally caved and purchased a maternity belt to help support my belly and back… and WOW! It’s been life-changing! Since I’m carrying low and have a petite frame, I wish I got one way earlier in my pregnancy. I’ve had it for over a week now and I’ve felt a ton of relief from it. I only wear it at home periodically throughout the day. Here’s the link to the one I got – it’s only $19.99! Beyond worth it! 

28 weeks pregnant


At 27 weeks, I went in for my 1-hour glucose tolerance test. This was honestly the first thing I was nervous about my entire pregnancy. After hearing all the hype about how awful the drink tastes, I actually didn’t find it that bad, haha. I got the fruit punch flavor and it was just fine. A few hours later, I got the message that I failed the 1-hour glucose test and that I had to come back in the for 3-hour test. Ugh.

I felt so discouraged and honestly it was a bit of a battle to not stay in that mindset. I scheduled my 3-hour test for the Monday after Thanksgiving. This way, I still got to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, haha. But from the day after Thanksgiving through that Sunday, I had to eat low-carb and I didn’t enjoy it one bit. BUT! I stuck to it. I’d do anything for my little girl. I couldn’t go over 150 carbs a day and you bet I kept track of everything like crazy.

I was grateful that Michael came with me to the 3-hour test because unfortunately, I had to sit in the lab’s main waiting room the entire time (in between blood draws) and let’s just say, I can’t stand any kind of doctor’s office/lab-type waiting room. I had to fast from the night before and could only drink water leading up to my test and during it. I was starving but did really well throughout all of the waiting. I chose the lemon-lime drink this time and it tasted like flat sprite. Here’s how it all went…

  • 1st blood draw (before glucose drink)
  • wait an hour
  • 2nd blood draw
  • wait an hour
  • 3rd blood draw
  • wait an hour
  • 4th and final blood draw

Needles and having blood drawn doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I’m the one who watches the entire thing, haha. I’m tough. 😉 The lab tech was so shocked that she got a different vein each time and claimed that it’s rare! So, that was fun.

A few hours later, I got the results… and I PASSED the 3-hour! I was so relieved.

Nursery Sneak Peek

CRAVINGS AS OF LATELY: Strawberries with whipped cream! So good.

WEIGHT GAIN: About 16-17 lbs total so far. Right on track with what’s recommended for me.

BODY CHANGES: Nothing other than my baby bump growing and growing. 🙂

MOVEMENT: LOTS of it! She has been very active ever since I’ve been able to feel her distinct kicks at 19 weeks. She has some crazy jabs and kicks but I’m also able to feel her twisting and turning all about. As I’m sitting here writing this, I just felt her have hiccups!

NURSERY PROGRESS: The other weekend, my in-laws visited and helped us get some things in order. My mother-in-law and I painted little girl’s nursery. I went white a crisp white for most of the walls and then I did two accent walls in a very, very light pink. I’m going for a light and airy, girly, boho feel for her nursery. No crazy theme, just a cozy haven. 🙂 This is probably one of the only sneak peeks you’ll get because I’m going to do a huge nursery reveal once it’s finished.

30 Week Bumpdate

I can still touch my toes (thank you to all of my years of dancing), but I can’t comfortably reach to successfully paint my toenails anymore. So, Michael was a sweetheart and painted them for me. Michael has been so supportive throughout my entire pregnancy – day in and day out. I’m so appreciative of him and how he loves me and our little girl. But gosh, this was one of the sweetest moments for me. I had to sneak a photo. He genuinely put in effort and he did amazing! So grateful to God for Michael.

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: We have our baby shower in Rochester, NY in January and it’s going to be gorgeous. I can’t wait to share all about it! We also have our hospital tour in early January and I’m eager to get to see where everything is. It’ll give me even more peace and I think it’ll make everything that much more exciting, too.

30 Week Bumpdate



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