7 Self-Care Practices For Pregnancy

Hey there, mamas-to-be! I’m really happy you’re here today and I hope I’m able to inspire you to take your pregnancy self-care routine to the next level. You’re worth it! And so is your little one!

Self-Care Routine For Pregnancy

Self-care during pregnancy is extremely important because you’re caring for two – yourself and your sweet baby. When I found out that I was pregnant, I immediately buckled down and started to get even more serious than I already was about my self-care practices. I knew that I wanted to do everything in my control to have a healthy pregnancy and a huge part of that was making sure that I was caring for myself and my body properly. I wanted to make sure that I was tapping into every dimension of self-care – physical, emotional, spiritual, and so on. I’m sure you’re experiencing some of the same feelings and that’s what brought you here today. 🙂

Here are some self-care tips that worked miracles for me throughout my pregnancy… I hope they can do the same for you!
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Self-care can look different for everyone and so is pregnancy. Everyone has their own experience. So, naturally, your self-care routine for your pregnancy is going to be uniquely your own. Today, I wanted to share some self-care tips that worked miracles for me throughout my pregnancy. It’s my hope that you can take a tip (or few) away to try out for yourself!


1. Stay Hydrated // Hydration is extremely important during pregnancy and your doctor will encourage you to drink a certain amount of glasses of water per day. Listen to them! Your body will thank you. You don’t want to let yourself become dehydrated because dehydration can lead to many miserable things, like fatigue. Depending on where you’re at in your pregnancy, you could also experience more nausea and Braxton-Hicks if you become dehydrated.

My tip is to invest in a great reusable water bottle that you can have with you at all times. I was also a huge fan of having sparkling water and Gatorade on-hand since plain water wasn’t something that I always had a taste for.

2. Take A Prenatal Vitamin & Eat Well // Proper nutrition is something you should focus on throughout your pregnancy. I know it can be hard at times between morning sickness in the first trimester and all of the crazy cravings you might have. Be sure to take a prenatal vitamin and eat well-balanced meals and snacks each day. Yes, you can still give in to your pregnancy cravings in moderation. 😉

I took these Prenatal Vitamins my entire pregnancy. Towards the end of my first trimester, I started feeling nauseous when I took them in the mornings so I switched to taking them in the evenings and I was fine! I recommend trying that if you experience the same.

3. Stay Moving As Much As You Can // As I mentioned earlier, everyone’s pregnancy is different. If your doctor clears you to keep up your regular exercises, definitely do so if you’re feeling up to it. Keeping your body active and moving is huge. I didn’t feel up to much cardio so instead, I focused on some basic yoga and stretching. It made me feel good and it also helped with some of the lower back aches I had experienced.

7 Self-Care Practices For Pregnancy
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Self-Care Routine For Pregnancy

4. Moisturize & Care For Your Skin // Stretch marks… are something no mama wants to get, so many women will really up their body care routine during pregnancy. While lotions and oils won’t help avoid stretch marks completely since stretch marks are really hereditary, it certainly doesn’t hurt to make sure your skin is well cared for during your pregnancy.

I have always been a huge fan of Palmer’s products so early on in my first trimester, I started using their Coconut Body Oil and their Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. Then in my second trimester, Palmer’s was kind enough to send me some more of their pregnancy products to try out. I ended up loving their Skin Therapy Oil a TON!

Here was my daily ritual of caring for my skin:

  1. In the morning, I’d apply the Skin Therapy Oil all over my tummy and hips and then I’d follow up with the Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks in the same places.
  2. Throughout the day, at least twice, I’d re-apply the Skin Therapy Oil.
  3. At night, after my shower, I’d apply the Skin Therapy Oil and Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks the same way I did in the morning.
  4. Every other week, I’d use their Tummy Masks for an extra boost in hydration and care.

I loved using @Palmersworks products throughout my pregnancy! Here was my daily ritual that I used to care for my skin.
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5. Take Naps Often // I know how annoying it can be to hear, “Sleep while you can!” from too many people when you’re pregnant. The reality is, sleeping while you’re pregnant is not all that fun, haha. Even early on in your pregnancy, you’ll have to pee all of the time and if you didn’t know… that only increases throughout your pregnancy. I was getting up to pee 5-7 times a night on average in my last trimester. Yep, yikes! As your baby bump grows, the harder it’ll be to get comfortable and to stay asleep.

The solution? Take naps when you can! They were lifesavers for me. Another huge tip that helped me was using a cluster pillow in between my knees to relieve lower back pain.

Self-Care Routine For Pregnancy

6. Warm Baths & Long Showers // Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy and two things that helped ease my aches and just made me feel calm and peaceful were warm baths and long showers. I aimed to take a warm bath at least once a week. I actually had a dedicated self-care night where I’d take a long shower, soak in the bath, and then I’d focus on other pamperings like manicures and face masks. I highly recommend having a dedicated self-care night if you can. Anyway, long showers were also a huge help to me. I would take showers every night because they’d help ease my back and they just relaxed me before going to sleep. I’d take extra time in the shower to just let the water hit my lower back and it helped so much!

7. Put Yourself First // Self-care isn’t selfish. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish. Putting your baby first isn’t selfish. During pregnancy, you must prioritize yourself! Be sure to set firm boundaries in your life – specifically for social situations and commitments. You don’t want to overcommit and run yourself ragged. Say “no” when you want AND need to and don’t justify why. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone. Tune out those who’ll try to give you all of the unwanted advice under the sun. Don’t put off your needs, whether they’re essential or for relaxation.

Are you a mama-to-be? You're going to want to get in on these self-care tips for pregnancy!
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