Blog & Personal Goals – Quarter 3

Blog & Personal Goals For Quarter 3

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe we’re already in Quarter 3, halfway done with 2019. It’s insanity to me.

I used to do monthly goals but last year, I decided to change things up and focus on quarterly goals instead. For me, it’s much more intentional this way, especially since a lot of my goals when it comes to my blog kind of overlap each other all of the time. I always like to revisit my goals from last quarter as a way to keep myself accountable. So, before diving into my goals for Q3, let’s see how I did on Q2.



1. Make My Pinterest Strategy Even Stronger // Accomplished! Pinterest has definitely undergone some changes over the past few months but despite them, my Pinterest strategy is still strong and growing.

2. Update Old Blog Posts // Yes! In working on SEO, I have been going back to old blog posts to update them.

3. Amp Up My Travel Content // A sad no. Life happens and traveling is costly and requires free time, so I didn’t get to travel much recently.


1. Get Back To Working Out/Yoga // Ehhhh yes and no. I started to do decently well with a routine before the humidity started to set in. Bleh!

2. Take Things Day-By-Day // Mostly, yes. As someone who thinks ahead often it’s not always easy to focus on one day at a time.

3. Focus On Hope // It’s not always easy but yes, I focused on clinging to hope and it’s brought me so much peace.

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1. Stay Consistent With My Newsletter // In the past, I have shared about how newsletter marketing doesn’t come easily to me. Over the past couple of months, I think I’ve been getting the hang of it. So, here’s to getting and staying consistent. I send out newsletters every Monday! Sign-up below! 🙂

2. Get Consistent With Posting Again // I have been in a tough spot the past few months as I battled blogger burnout and how I’m still coming out of it. In addition to blogger burnout, I also have some personal matters going on, so it’s been hard to constantly push out new content. I have given myself a ton of grace here and I’m proud of myself for that. While my page views have been growing and growing even with me posting less content, I do want to get back to a regular schedule. My goal, for now, is to post at least 1 new blog post each week.

3. Land Some Partnerships For The Last 2 Quarters // As a full-time blogger, it’s important for me to be making money. Duh, haha. I’m hoping to land some firm partnerships over the next couple of months.

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1. Create A Steady Morning Routine // I used to have a really solid morning routine in place and I miss it so much. It always made me feel prepared and ready for the day. I’m hoping to create a new one.

2. Stay Calm // Mike and I have a TON going on in our lives right now, so it’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelm of it all. It’s my goal to stay calm and to continue to focus on one day at a time.

3. Take Time For Myself & Not Feel Guilty About It // I have always been passionate about taking time for myself. Self-care is a huge passion of mine and I’m a firm believer in having alone time and just being by yourself to breathe. Lately, I’ll turn my phone on do not disturb mode and I won’t even get on social media. Sometimes, I start to feel bad about this but honestly, it’s healthy to unplug. It’s not my duty to respond to everything right away.

I know my goals might seem simple to you for this quarter. For me, they’re huge goals after the past few months I’ve had. What are some of your goals for Q3? Let’s chat!

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