25 Self-Care Activities To Do Alone

It’s no secret that I love alone time! I have always been an introvert and as much as I love hanging out with other people, there’s just something I really enjoy about getting time alone to myself.

25 Self-Care Activities To Do Alone

When I get to have time alone, it really helps me grow as a person. I get to learn more about myself, what I enjoy, and where I can continue to grow. I’m a huge advocate for everyone (even the extroverts) to spend time alone with themselves. It’s essential for personal growth, plus it can be quite fun. 🙂

The world can get exhausting. People are exhausting. Honestly, just scrolling social media or turning on the news for 5 minutes is defeating and discouraging.

Life is not naturally slow and steady anymore. Everything around us moves at a fast pace. In order to truly focus on self-care and personal growth, you need to decide to make both a priority in your life. No one is going to do it for you. So, if you’re wanting to get alone with yourself to flourish and grow, today’s words are exactly for you.

In order to truly focus on self-care and personal growth, you need to decide to make both a priority in your life.
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Self-Care Routine Ideas

To help inspire you, I have put together a list of 25 self-care activities to do alone! I have done all of these at some point over the past few years and they’ve all been rewarding and fun. 😉 I also created some free printables for you to print out and hang on your wall to serve as reminders to spend time alone regularly.


  1. Talk a walk around your neighborhood
  2. Make a vision board for your life
  3. Listen to your favorite band from high school
  4. Take a long drive
  5. Buy and light a new candle
  6. Try a new workout or yoga flow
  7. Watch a documentary on Netflix
  8. Take a nice, long nap
  9. Declutter your electronics (email, photos, etc.)
  10. Create some art (draw, paint, write a song…)
  11. Clean out your closet
  12. Try out a new coffee shop
  13. Paint your nails an upbeat color
  14. Cleanse and reorganize your beauty essentials
  15. Visit the farmer’s market for fresh food
  16. Take a bath
  17. Make coffee at home and enjoy every sip
  18. Rearrange and redecorate a spot in your home
  19. Watch your all-time favorite movie
  20. Take time to pray
  21. Start reading a new devotional
  22. Explore your own town
  23. Get a tattoo (so exhilarating to do alone!)
  24. Take a social media break
  25. Deep clean your kitchen

25 Fun Activities To Do Alone
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Things To Do Alone


25 Self-Care Activities To Do Alone

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Are you a fan of alone time? If so, what are some of your favorite things to do on your own time? What would you add to my list above? Let’s chat, friends!

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