The Best Wedding Registry Items That You Need

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18 Wedding Registry Items That You Need

Calling all brides-to-be! Today’s post is just for you as I share the best wedding registry items that you need. I got married 4 years ago, so I have already been through all of the craziness of wedding planning. I know how overwhelming it can all be, so to make your job easier, I have put together a ton of my best tips for you in regards to creating your wedding registry.

While my husband and I did a decent job at covering all of the basics, there were some things that we missed that we ended up getting down the road. I’m going to share some of the best items we put on our registry and some items we wish we had put on our registry that we ended up buying ourselves later. This way, creating your wedding registry will be a breeze for you!

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If you’re a brand new bride-to-be, definitely check out Zola for all of your wedding planning needs!

Wedding Registry Essentials For Every Room

I think it’s really important to keep practicality in mind when adding items to your wedding registry. You want to add items that will be used and won’t just sit in their box for years to come. You want to think of every budget, too. Don’t expect to add every piece of furniture for your home to your registry for others to buy. Chances are, they won’t be purchased. So, focus on intentional items instead. Think NEED over WANT.

When it comes to adding items to your wedding registry, it's important to keep in mind NEED rather than WANT. Add items that are intentional and useful.
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Kitchen Wedding Registry


Calphalon Classic Non-Stick Cookware // One thing that I’ll always encourage others to put on their wedding registry is high-quality cookware (pot & pans). I highly recommend the Calphalon brand! Michael and I have an entire set from them and it’s still in amazing condition 4 years later. Beyond worth the price!

Cooking Utensil Set (Or 2) // For some reason, we forgot to add a cooking utensil set to our registry. I think it’s because Mike lived on his own before we got married. Even if you do already have a set, add another to your registry! You can never go wrong with having multiples of cooking utensils.

OXO Good Grips Food Storage // These “pop” containers from OXO are probably one of my personal favorite things in our kitchen. We have their stainless steel version but these are just the same. They help keep your food airtight and they’re stackable, too! Perfect for cereal, pasta, cookies… pretty much anything!

Ramekin Dishes // If you don’t have ramekin dishes on your registry yet, add them ASAP. They are some of the most versatile side dishes that you can use for so much, from dips to mini desserts!

Serving Bowls // We didn’t add serving bowls to our registry at the time because we had a few… well, we should’ve added more! When it comes to entertaining, you can never have too many serving bowls. From chips to salads and everything in between, serving bowls are needed.

Glass Pitcher // There’s just something really welcoming about a glass pitcher full of fresh lemonade that gets me. It’s perfect for brunch, get-togethers, and more.

Bedroom Wedding Registry


Cube Storage // Michael and I have bought 3 cube storage organizers over the years we’ve been married, and we wish we put them on our registry! If you live in a small home, they’re great for organization. There are a ton of baskets you can use to make them look neat and you can add decorations in them, too.

Picture Frames // If you don’t have picture frames, how will you hang up your gorgeous wedding photos?! Right? Trust me, if you don’t add picture frames to your registry, you most likely won’t be decorating with wedding photos for a while… learn from my mistake, haha.

Decorative Baskets // Decorative baskets are fun, stylish, and practical. They can be used in pretty much any room. I use them to store blankets and extra throw pillows.

Multiple Sheet Sets // Never underestimate the comfort of really nice sheets. Trust me, you can feel the difference. I recommend adding at least 2 sets to your registry – more if you can!

Duvet Cover Set // I will always recommend going with a duvet rather than a comforter. It’s much easier to wash a duvet cover set than it is to stuff a king-size (or any size, really) comforter in the washer and dryer.

Clothing Hampers // Ladies, if you don’t want your future husband leaving his clothes all over, you’ve got to add some hampers to your registry, haha. 😉 Trust me on this one! There are some really cute hampers out there.

Wedding Registry


65-Piece Tool Kit // Whether you’re moving into a house or not, a tool kit is now a must-have in your life. From putting furniture together to small home improvement projects, tools are a need.

Drill/Driver Kit // Going along with a tool kit, it’s key to have some power tools, as well. This drill & driver kit is perfect.

Step Stool // You need to have at least one step stool on your registry. It’s an item not many people would think of but it comes in handy for many things. From reaching the top cabinet to hanging an item on a wall, step stools are really handy.

Printer // Whether you have an office space or not, I promise you, you’re going to want to have a printer.

Vacuum Cleaner // A vacuum is obviously a must-have so do your research on the one you want. It also would be a good idea to get a hand-held vacuum for small messes, too.

Garment Steamer // We definitely use our steamer more than we break out the entire ironing board and iron. Steamers are quick and pretty easy to use. Definitely a must-have!

18 Wedding Registry Items That You Need To Have On Your List
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The Best Wedding Registry Items That You Need

The Best Wedding Registry Items That You Need
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Obviously, you’re going to add much more than just these 18 items to your wedding registry but in my opinion, these were some of the most important picks! I wish you all the best with your wedding planning. Be sure to check out all of Zola’s free wedding planning tools!

If you’re already married, what’s an important item that you’d tell other brides-to-be to add to their registry? Let’s help a girl out! Let’s chat!

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